I have made more friends since I got hooked on road cycling!

Hi, my name is Andrew. I worked for a foreign-owned IT technology in Shenzhen. Most of the time, it will be midnight when I off work. At that time, public transportation has stopped working for a couple of hours. And there is slight chance of getting a taxi, because most people has just off work as I do. And they are also calling a taxi. That moment I've made up my mind to buy myself an ebike.

I did have some several alternative ebike models, the last moment why I decided to buy MIDONKEY Sliver Flash ebike, the reason is that this ebike company happens to have a similar model with the one I search on Alibaba.com

After filling up a few information on the FREE TRIAL PROGRAM PAGE, I got this KENTOR ELECTRIC CITY BIKE from their Shenzhen office 2 days later. Ultra fast delivery!

It has a really cool design, and I can pick up my workmate by the way when I'm getting to office as it is a two-seat ebike. I was very impressed by the fact that two big mans were sitting on it and it can still drive fast.

Having an ebike did making a lot of changes to my life. Firstly, I start to have some spare time instead of being stuck in traffic jam. I used to have breakfast in office, and now I don't have to. Now I have plenty of time sitting on a well-decoration house, alongside with an TORMOKA coffee. I will go to Starbucks sometimes.

Secondly, I started going outside on weekends, not to stay up all night and sleep at home all day long. Shenzhen is a very beautiful city, the greenery is delightful and there is a special bike path for cyclist.

So one day, I rode this bike around the reservoir and found a lot of fun along the way. A teenager waved to me with a big smile on his face, he said the bike is awesome, can I borrowed him for a trial? When I told him it is an ebike, he raised a lot of interest, we exchange our WeChat and become friends. And this kid has become one of my best friend in my rest of life. He brought a same ebike as mine and we started cycling on weekends together. By this way, I made more and more friends.

Be nice to yourself, you deserve an high performance ebike!