Our relationship has gone a step further!

Hi, my name is Shogo Miyamoto from Japan. I lived in Kyoto with my girlfriend and have a car for work. We have had a great time living together and will tried making dinner when off work. But the way to market has been a headache for me as no much room for cars. So I'm looking for a foldable ebike for us two.

I got MIDONKEY's Year End Promotion email one day and one model has caught my eyes. That's Car Boot. I learned that the ebike's biggest selling point is exactly ultimate folding and compact. Without a seconds hesitation, I raised online Customer Service and got the video support. They're really nice people and helps me a lot during the process.

They're telling me MIDONKEY has a FREE TRIAL PROGRAM, and I can try to apply for one. So I did apply. Fortunately, I got the chance. The payment is easy and smooth via Alibaba.com. The whole process only takes me ten minutes. MIDONKEY also reacts rapidly as I got shipping notice just 2 days later. Thanks for their kind support!

The day I received the ebike is one of my happiest days. First thing I did after unpacking the ebike, is to put it into my car boot. Perfect, it all fits! I can still have some room for other stuffs.

Now I park the car outside the market, leaving my girlfriend alone, she will go through the recipes and think about tonight's special dishes. Me myself ride the ebike into the market for groceries. We will chat on Line until all things needed are with me. Then I put the ebike back to the car boot and drive my car home.

At least 30 minutes was saved compared with before, and we can finally have our dinner a bit earlier! Our relationship has gone a step further! I kinda feel like the food is also better than before. We're all satisfied with the moment and feel that the future is promising!

Thanks for CaBoot, thanks for MIDONKEY, you're a great company!